Pocketing: The New Trend in Dating, and Social Media

The romance space has been buzzing with the word, pocketing. This new term has evolved in dating circles on social media. And a lot have been wondering, what the word truly means.

Meaning of Pocketing in Dating

In a romantic relationship, pocketing refers to a range of behaviors that indicate a certain part of your partner’s life is being kept private from the other partner. In other words, a partner can never meet friends or family, and they are basically isolated from the rest of their partner’s world.

Social media has made pocketing a serious problem as well. Social media introduced a new element for some couples to pocketing, an activity likely to have existed for generations. Your partner may not be posting pictures of you together on social media, which could be a warning sign that you are being pocketed. It might seem harmless at first glance, but some dating experts say this trend might be a sign that your relationship is not in good health.

Pocketing can lead to trouble in a relationship. Even if you don’t mind your partner keeping you in the dark about their lives, being pocketed isn’t always a good sign.

“Girls, if you’re in a relationship and your man hasn’t posted you, nine times out of 10, you’re a sister wife,” Justin Sylvester, who is a news presenter, said during an interview reported by Distractify. Additionally, Sylvester stated that female partners in similar situations might be more cautious about posting about their male partners.

Nonetheless, pocketing is generally frowned upon for a number of reasons. One might be that it implies one or both partners are embarrassed to be in a relationship. If the person you’re dating is unwilling to invite you to meet friends and parents, it may be referred to as a case of pocketing because meeting friends and parents is a natural part of integrating your partners life with your own.

Social Media Trend like Pocketing doesn’t Really Exist

Internet users have started a lot of toxic behaviors with trends, but pocketing is probably not one of them. Instead, it is simply an existing phenomenon that the internet collectively named. Partners should therefore notice when their partners don’t post about them on social media. It is possible that your partner could be pocketing for valid reasons, especially if they come from a toxic family.

Nonetheless, if you are caught in the middle of this, it is better you have a proper conversation about it with your partner. The result of the conversation can be a warning sign, though might necessarily not mean the end.

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