Pleasant Hill Police Seek Suspects in Kohl’s Smash-and-grab on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving night, police in Pleasant Hill reported that a gang of burglars crashed a car into the front of a Kohl’s department store.

It was around 7:45 p.m. when the event occurred at the Kohl’s location on the 2300 block of Monument Boulevard. There was a car that crashed into the store’s entryway, according to a 911 call that Pleasant Hill Police received.

When officers arrived in a matter of minutes, they discovered major damage to the business’s doors and an abandoned car at the front entry. The establishment was closed at the time, with no workers or clients inside, according to the police.

After the car crashed into the front entry and drove off in a white sedan before the police arrived, the investigation revealed that three persons wearing masks entered the store.

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before the police arrived, in a white automobile. It was unclear what goods, if any, had been taken, and the police lacked any further information about the culprits.

Call (925) 288-4630 to reach the Pleasant Hill Police Investigations Bureau if you have any information that could be of assistance to the detectives.

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