Pinky Cole, A Slutty Vegan Restaurateur, Discusses Her First Cookbook And New NYC Locations

The restaurateur behind the chain of Slutty Vegan plant-based burgers has a lot on the stove.

Cole’s first cookbook will be available on Tuesday. Two months after she opened her first New York City shop in Brooklyn. Secondly, she also plans to open a second Slutty Vegan shop in Manhattan.

The cookbook’s 91 vegan recipes under the title “Eat Plants, B*tch: That Will Blow Your Meat-Loving Mind.” According to the 34-year-old entrepreneur based in Atlanta, is meant to be provocative.

Cole told the Daily News, “I wanted it to be in your face. I wanted to smack you so hard that you could not pick it up and buy it.

Although doing things softly and pretty is no longer effective, she continued, “You have to be so raw and real with people in this world,” I wanted to make some noise because you have to. And I did just that.

Black pea burgers, backyard quesadillas, and avocado egg rolls are just a few recipes in the cookbook.

For the book, Cole enlisted the help of other influencers, business owners, and chefs who are vegan to share their favorite dishes. Chef Quan, who raises in New Jersey, Chef Nikki in the Mix, a vegan pancake expert, and Chef Luis Martinez of Atlanta’s My Abuelas Food are among the contributors.

Cole said I’m the kind of person who will always lift as I climb, so it was crucial to include them. “I can’t get it alone; it’s not enough.”
Cole will be performing live to support “Eat Plants, B*tch!”

The five-city tour, which began on Monday at the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan, is “going to be a vibe,” the singer predicted.

Live Nation will continue to produce the events, traveling to Atlanta on Saturday and Los Angeles, Dallas, and Baltimore on subsequent dates. The objective is to improve the standard notion of a book tour.

“I’m exerting every effort on this. Black-owned businesses are coming in to promote their products, DJ Trauma is performing, and I have performances coming up,” Cole said. I’ll share my story, discuss the book, and discuss entrepreneurship.

The events, which will feature food trucks serving recipes from Cole’s cookbook, will be moderated by radio personality Angela Yee, who also co-owns a coffee shop in Brooklyn.

Slutty Vegan’s first New York location was inaugurated by Cole in September on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, near the intersection with South Portland Avenue. Among the first customers were famous people like Spike Lee and Doug E. Fresh, a hip-hop pioneer.

Cole also plans to open a second chain location, primarily based in Atlanta. Other Georgia regions, in the Big Apple by the end of this month. The new site will be at W. 135th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd. in Harlem.

Cole founded Slutty Vegan in 2018 and claimed that “New York is a whole different breed.” “I adore New York in any form. It’s very distinctive from other places.

“What I like about this place is that everyone comes through. There are white people, Black people, Asians, and people from all other backgrounds. So every day, I get to introduce the brand to new people. And that’s awesome.

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