Philadelphia Receives Second Texas Bus of Migrants as Border Security Ramps Up

A second Texas-bound bus landed in Philadelphia on Monday.

The group arrived at the 30th Street bus terminal shortly before 10 a.m. and was given snacks, blankets, and jackets.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted, “We helped Texas asylum seekers last week and today.They want a better life in America. We’re happy to welcome and support them.”

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The arrival was the second in less than a week as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pushed for “sanctuary cities” to care for migrants. Abbott claimed Texas had bused 8,400 migrants to D.C., 3,800 to New York, 1,200 to Chicago, and 100 to Philadelphia.

Reaction to Biden’s Border Crisis

“Texas is doing all it can to help our border towns,” he stated.

Operation Lone Star, Abbott’s border security effort, is expanding. He ordered the Texas Military Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety to deploy “all available techniques and capabilities” to respond to “Biden’s border crisis”

Abbott spokesman Kim Carmichael said Operation Lone Star partners have taken unprecedented border security measures since March 2021. “These steps are necessary because Biden hasn’t enforced immigration laws.”

“Until the federal government protects Americans, Texas law enforcement and the Texas Military Department will secure our communities,” she said.

“Unfortunately, racism and being mean to people have always gone hand in hand with how immigrants are treated in our country,” Kenney said when the first bus of migrants arrived in his city.

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In order to safeguard the border, the TMD will deploy 10 M113 armoured personnel carriers and increase aircraft flights and security activities.

APCs transport men in battle.

These operations are part of a bigger effort to prevent illegal immigration, the agency said. The Texas National Guard is taking extraordinary efforts to protect our border and repel illegal aliens.

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