People Will Be ‘Surprised’ By Midterm Results, Says Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Could Hold Congress

The results of the midterm elections, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, will “surprise” voters, she stated on Tuesday. The speaker sounded upbeat for Democrats, who are generally thought to be facing challenges in House races around the nation.

Before the election results started coming in on Tuesday, Pelosi told the PBS NewsHour, “We own the terrain out there today.” “And the enthusiasm we have out there is not diminished just because a pundit in Washington claims that history indicates that you cannot win. You’ll likely be shocked this evening, I believe.”

She claimed that no matter what happened in the elections, the Democrats would accept the results.

“It’s a day where the sanctity of the vote is revered, where people vote, and we have to respect the results of that,” she said. “But again, whatever the outcome, we will respect that.” 

With numerous tight Senate races, Republicans are projected to win the House and are slightly favored.

According to host Judy Woodruff, some Democratic experts claim that Democrats are too focused on “kitchen table concerns” like crime and inflation rather than topics like abortion and democracy.

Pelosi added of her husband, who was treated for a skull fracture after the incident and later released from the hospital, “We take it one day at a time.

She bemoaned that he had to suffer the consequences of an attack that was meant for her despite the fact that he had received “deluges of prayers” from well-wishers across the nation.

But she said that she believed the country’s party split could be bridged. She declared, “This is the best spot that has ever existed in the world.” And the American people have a lot of faith in themselves.


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