Padre Pio Movie: Everything We Know About It

This year has been particularly fruitful in terms of bringing portrayals of the Catholic faith to a wide variety of types of media.

We have not only been edified by Jonathan Roumie in the movie The Chosen, but we have also had the opportunity to learn about the inspirational Fr. Stuart Long because of the movie Father Stu, which stars Mark Wahlberg.

Both of these things have been made possible by Mark Wahlberg. Jonathan Roumie’s performance in The Chosen has been a tremendous blessing to all of us.

And now, as the end of the year draws near, the much awaited film Padre Pio, starring Shia LaBeouf in the main role and directed by Abel Ferrera, is scheduled to begin its run in cinemas on September 9.

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When one considers Shia LaBeouf’s own troubled history, which includes severe claims of abuse, it is possible that the actor seems like an improbable choice to represent such a cherished saint.

But it looks like St. Pio of Pietrelcina used his saintly ways to bring LaBeouf home. The actor became a Catholic while playing the famous Franciscan while filming the role of St. Pio.

The actor has already done a good job of portraying the well-liked monk in the little teaser that has been released.

In order to play the part, LaBeouf declined to speak with an Italian accent in order to play it, despite the fact that the majority of the actors, including Marco Leonardi, Salvatore Ruocco, and Luca Lionello, is Italian.

In an interview with Bishop Barron, he said that the movie had grown so personal to him that he did not want to perform in it while “wearing a mask.” His choice seems to have been a good one, as he seems to have perfectly captured Padre Pio’s spirit.

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The audience gets a chill-inducing picture of Padre Pio’s life and the obstacles he had to face as a stigmatist while a global war was going on as they watch the brief teaser for the film.

You can get an idea of what is sure to be an epic film about faith and the life of a wonderful saint by taking a look at the trailer, which is available for your perusal right now, along with a little clip that will help set the tone for the film.

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