Over 3 million Push to Get $2,000 per month in Stimulus Payments

There is no need to tell you that prices are soaring for most goods and services right now.

California is obviously experiencing record-high gas prices that are going up every day.

But how would you like an extra $2,000 a month right now? With over 3.3 million signatures, Stephanie Bonin started a Change.org petition calling for $2,000 monthly stimulus checks for all Americans, Newsweek report.

There are clearly a lot of people who resonate with this idea. Our country is still going through deep problems, according to Bonin. Despite the “recovery,” many Americans are still working at low wages and many people owe large amounts on utilities, rent, and child care. Hence, there is a need to target checks to those still struggling, and Congress needs to learn from the past year. (source)

Is there any relief in sight? We’ll take a closer look at what existing options are available in California.

Some Benefits Available for You Now

Families and individuals who qualify in California have been provided two Golden State Stimulus payments. The first version saw a payment of $600 or $1,200 per tax return (source). Second Golden State Stimulus payments are determined by an individual’s income level; you can use this estimator from the government to find out how much you will receive.

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Additionally, the American Rescue Plan bill increased the tax credit to $3,000 from $2,000 during the 2021 tax year, but it expires in 2022 (Source). A new plan has also been announced by U.S. Senator Mitt Romney of Utah. Romney has dubbed the plan Family Security Act. Under this bill, each young child would receive up to $350 a month. For each school-aged child, you would get $250 a month.

The $2,000 A Month Plan

As you probably noticed, families are the focus of the stimulus plans above. Do you have options if you have no children or are retired? The best thing you can do is sign this petition and encourage it to gain more traction. You may also want to let your government representative know that you are concerned about the rising prices.

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