Over 150 “concerning” bank transactions have been uncovered in the Hunter-Biden controversy, according to CBS.

An in-depth analysis by CBS Evening News on Wednesday, which focused on critical bank documents linking President Biden’s brother James and son Hunter to over 150 suspicious transactions, broke the long-standing narrative of “Russian disinformation.”

According to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), “We have folks working with Chinese business people that have ties to the Communist Party,” he told CBS senior investigative journalist Catherine Herridge in an interview.



Even before the mainstream media got involved, Grassley had been investigating Biden’s financial dealings for some time and sat down with Herridge to share his insights into what these bank records would reveal.

According to him, “I think James Biden was very much involved” in the recent release of bank information, which he referred to by name. According to the investigation, these data show that James Biden’s Lion Hall Group and a Chinese-funded consulting firm exchanged money multiple times.

“Is there no third party involved in the collection of these records?” While speaking with a senior member of the judiciary, Herridge put this question to him.

“You’re 100% correct,” he said.

Tweeted by Sen. Grassley, “More bank records reveal $33k to the lion hall group proves that James Biden was financially related to Chinese communist government members,” the printout contained bank transactions.

“Federal investigators who wanted Hunter and James Biden’s business records from a major U.S. bank dating back to 2014” were the subject of a 2019 subpoena verified by CBS on Wednesday.

“I think Hunter and James Biden should have gone into those partnerships,” said Robert Weissman, president of consumer advocacy non-profit Public Citizen, in a clip that played during the piece.

These problems are even worse in the worst-case scenario.” Conflicts can get fairly catastrophic in the worst-case scenario.”

As part of their investigations into the Hunter Biden case, The New York Times and The Washington Post have confirmed the legitimacy of Hunter’s laptop and verified thousands of emails.

There has been long-standing media condemnation of the story as “Russian misinformation,” and now Twitter has censored the New York Post—the first newspaper to report on Hunter Biden’s emails—during the 2020 election cycle.

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