Community Kindness: Over 1,000 Toys Gifted to Fresno County Kids

A Christmas toy event was held on Wednesday by the United Health Center and the Espinoza Brothers Food Distribution in order to give back to families in the communities of Parlier and Selma.

“We want to develop a trust with our families to know that we are here for them, that we care for them and that they’re valued. The Espinoza family, who’s our partner with today, they came from this area. They understand the kind of patients and families we care for,” According to Candice Clem, director of the United Health Center.

According to the organizers, they are aware of the stress that parents experience over the holiday season.

“Everything is so expensive. We saw the great need in our hometown, which is Parlier. So, we decided to do our first toy drive here in our hometown,” stated Juan Espinoza, an employee of Espinoza Brothers.

On Wednesday, the United Health Center and the Espinoza Brothers Food Distribution hosted a Christmas toy event to give back to families:

The children were overjoyed to be able to select a present, which included anything from jackets to toys. The parents expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to participate.

“It means a lot. One less toy we have to buy. Just to see the smile on their faces too when they were able to come and pick out something,” said parent Kathleen Quiroz.

Twenty thousand dollars was donated to the event, according to the organizers, and approximately thirty people volunteered their time.

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This kind of event, according to volunteer Janie Rodriguez, is particularly noteworthy around the holiday season.

“Just seeing their happiness that they actually got the toy they were looking for or wanting,” according to Rodriguez.

According to the organizers, the event was a wonderful success. And they have high hopes that they will be able to continue conducting outreach activities like this one in the not too distant future.

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