Orem Mourns Tragic Loss of 17-Year-Old Hit By Vehicle!

Monday night in Orem, a 17-year-old girl was ki!!ed in an auto-pedestrian collision, according to the authorities.

On October 16, just before 6:45 p.m., the crash took place as the sun was sinking. At that time, police stated that a person had been hurt in an auto-pedestrian collision. They advised locals to stay away from the spot while serious accident investigators were on the scene.

But information about the crash wasn’t made public until Tuesday morning.

According to a statement made by the Orem Police Department, a car struck a 17-year-old girl Monday night along Vineyard Road and 400 South. She received care from emergency personnel there.

The young woman was subsequently taken to the hospital, where she later passed away.

The statement read, “We give our deepest sympathies to all who are affected by this accident.”

According to authorities, the driver stayed at the site and was helping with the investigation.

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The statement omitted any details regarding the teen’s whereabouts in the roadway at the time of the collision, including whether or not he was crossing the street. It was also unclear whether police were looking into whether intoxication, sleepiness, or distraction contributed to the collision or if there were other factors at play, such as a problem with visibility.

Authorities remained mum over the driver’s citation status.

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