One Year-Old Girl Found Dead in Los Angeles River-Her 22 Year Old Dad Arrested

Authorities in California arrested a 22-year-old man after the body of his 1-year-old daughter was discovered in the Los Angeles River. Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón stated Wednesday that Jayveon Burley had been charged with murder in connection with the case.

On Monday, the Inglewood Police Department located the body of Burley’s young daughter, Leilani Burley, in the water just downstream from the Ocean Boulevard Bridge in Long Beach.

Pictured here with her mother, Lynisha Hull, one-year-old Leilani Burley’s body was discovered in the Los Angeles River on Monday, leading to the arrest of the child’s father.
After picking up both of his children from their mother in Long Beach, the girl’s grandmother phoned the police late Sunday night when he returned home with only one of them.

Her younger sibling, Zayveyon Burley, aged 3, was reportedly unhurt

The police immediately began looking for the young girl. Her younger sibling, Zayveyon Burley, aged 3, was reportedly unhurt. Leila and Zayveyon’s mother, Lynisha Hull, claimed to KTLA that Burley had never mistreated either of their children and was always very protective of them.

Hull cried, “He dropped her, or flung her, over the bridge.” The mother, who was sad, may never know how her child spent their final moments. I can’t stop wondering how my daughter reacted. Does it look like she’s crying? “Was she yelling?” the woman queried.
Hull recalls celebrating Christmas with newborn Leilani not long before her untimely passing.

“What a tight hug she gave me. She insisted I not release my grip. I believe my baby knew something,” she added. Although Hull and Burley did not argue when he picked up the kids, she noted on Facebook that Burley seemed “mad” when he arrived.

The distraught mother claims Burley refused to reveal their daughter’s whereabouts until after Leilani’s body had been discovered in the shallow water under the bridge. Hull writes, “He kept assuring me, ‘Don’t worry about it, she’s alright.'”

The woman, a mother of two children, said Leila is “so full of life.” It was noted that the 1-year-old enjoyed singing, reading, and “giving high-fives.” The bond for Burley has been set at $215,000.


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