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One Dead, Three Injured In House Fire In Bucks County

One Dead, Three Injured In House Fire In Bucks County

One Dead, Three Injured In House Fire In Bucks County

A house fire in Bucks County early on Wednesday morning claimed one life and injured three more.

In Lower Southampton Township, Pennsylvania, the fire started in the 800 block of Hilton Avenue at around four in the morning.

When firefighters got there, they made every effort to save the people inside.

A mother and her two children were discovered at the location by the police, according to Lower Southampton Police Department Chief Ted Krimmel. He claims they were able to flee the fire.

“A fourth family member, my officers weren’t able to get to because of the flames. Fire apparatus arrived quickly thereafter, and went in with their gear and got the guy,” said Krimmel.

Sadly, the 64-year-old guy passed away in the hospital a short while later. His identity is still a mystery.

Candles Suspected As Cause of Fire

Officials stated that the family was using candles because there was no power.

“We had a power outage in the area this morning. Their power had gone off, and they were using some candles to light up the house,” said Krimmel.

Authorities are currently looking into whether the candles caused the fire.

Additionally, they are investigating whether the fire had anything to do with the reason for the power loss.

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Neighbors Mourn Loss of Good People

Locals expressed their sadness to Action News in the meantime.

“They’ve been here for probably 30 years. We are here a little longer, and they had three children and, you know, they’ve just been our neighbors and they are good people,” said Ann Donelly, a neighbor.

“It was awful. I’ve been through a fire myself, and this is by far, just awful. It’s awful,” added Maureen Fregia, another neighbor.

The neighbors announced that they would be providing support and holding a vigil for the family.

Additionally, they warned people to exercise caution around candles and other fire hazards, mainly while there is no power.

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