One DCFS Worker Reinstated After Failing to Act Before Amaria Osby’s Death

After neglecting Amaria Osby’s case, an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigator and supervisor were removed from child protection responsibilities this spring.
The mother of the 8-year-old admitted to smothering her.Murder charges were filed against that mother.

DCFS Worker May Return to Child Care

That revelation upsets Amaria’s family. Workers neglected Amaria for 61 days. It violates DCFS’s 24-hour attempt policy.

The government agreed it was a failure, but it seems they’ve determined enough time has passed for at least one, maybe both, of the professionals involved to return to safeguarding the state’s most vulnerable children.

Andreal Hagler, Amaria’s mother, admits to choking her daughter as she screamed, “Mommy, stop!”

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Hagler faces murder charges. Hagler told police she murdered her daughter because she loved her father more. In June, Amaria’s father, DeMarcus Osby, told Tye the death was more about a DCFS visit to the Uptown residence hours before.

“That’s why my daughter is dead,” Osby stated in June. “True. Truthful.” “Her mother was hitting her,” Amaria stated, according to Osby.

DeMarcus Osby claimed he was denied custody of his daughter.He requested a DCFS welfare check on March 23.

Amaria was Slain

DCFS regulation requires “good faith efforts be made every 24 hours or sooner, including weekends and holidays, until the child victim is seen” after such a call. On the 61st night, DCFS saw Amaria, who was slain.

“Theirs. They might have taken my kid, “June’s Osby.” They could have rescued my kid.
Her DCFS investigator and supervisor are “them.”

Amaria’s supervisor was put on desk duty June 1. “Verbal penalty for failing to execute supervisory responsibilities” restored the supervisor on Sept. 14.

Amaria’s investigator has been on leave since July 28. The investigator will return to work on December 30 for a disciplinary hearing.

DeMarcus Osby said Tuesday that they should be jailed or fired from government jobs.
East County Gazette informed Amaria’s father of the investigator and supervisor’s late news Tuesday.

Osby said Thanksgiving and Christmas without “his heart” were hard.
Worse, according to Osby, was learning that both staff members might soon be protecting other children.

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“Assist her. “You failed her,” Osby remarked. “You let her down, and then on top of that, you placed me in that box with her—because my heart is gone.”

Mr. Osby’s lawyers have sought DCFS for further details on what DCFS officials witnessed in that residence the day Amaria was slain. DCFS claims they won’t comment beyond a 24-word summary.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s findings on Amaria’s remains may disclose how much violence she endured before her murder.

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