Mother’s Mission: Ohio Woman Raises Awareness on Human Trafficking Post-Daughter’s Tragic Passing

Carolyn Kinkoph, who is grieving the loss of her daughter Courtney, is supporting the cause of human trafficking in the aftermath of Courtney’s death in February 2022.

Carolyn recalls Courtney’s gentle hugs and describes how her daughter became a victim of human trafficking after meeting someone at a hospital in 2015.

Ohio woman brings awareness to human trafficking after passing of daughter:

Alarming Changes: The Unnoticed Signs of Trafficking

Carolyn and her husband saw alarming changes in Courtney’s behavior, appearance, and increased substance usage after meeting the trafficker.

The family observed Courtney’s life take a terrible turn since they were unaware of the genuine reasons of the person they thought was Courtney’s friend.

Raising Awareness: Northeast Ohio’s Vigilance and Educational Campaigns

Human trafficking awareness is highlighted in January. The Northeast Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force recorded multiple trafficking-related arrests, rescues, and indictments.

The task force’s director, Larry Henderhan, focused light on the many kinds of trafficking and underlined the importance of law enforcement education in spotting these signals.

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Alliance Against Human Trafficking

Carolyn co-founded the Alliance Against Human Trafficking in order to prevent such tragedies. The nonprofit’s goal is to raise awareness of this issue among police enforcement.

Carolyn’s husband, Tom, believes that efforts to learn about and solve human trafficking should continue beyond the designated awareness month.

The Kinkoph family sees this month as an opportunity to highlight a daily challenge. This month, their pain transcends, serving as a continual reminder of their great loss.

Individuals who suspect human trafficking should call the Northeast Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force’s tip line at (216) 443-6085 or the national hotline at (888) 373-7888.

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