Ohio Senate has continued their busy lame-duck session with bill proposals

The lame-duck session at the Ohio Statehouse has been a very productive one. There is legislation up for a vote on the Senate and House floors.

The Senate made progress on several proposals on Wednesday before adjourning for the holiday.

The Senate gave its stamp of approval to the House’s revised version of Bill 151. Yet, as of Wednesday night, it had not become law.

In Ohio, teacher residencies would be phased out and replaced by informal mentoring activities under this proposed law.

On the other hand, State Representative Jena Powell’s Save Women’s Sports Act has drawn opposition to this bill.

Students in Ohio who play on a team that questions their gender would be required to produce birth certificates to prove their gender. House Bill 353 was approved by the Senate.

The “Testing Your Faith Act” is its official title. This would allow pupils to practice their faith while attending school.

House Bill 558, which would create a central location to store pharmaceuticals that have been donated, is one of several bills now making their way through the legislature.

Furthermore, House Bill 66 proposes a change to mandate the reporting and evaluation of property tax exemptions.

Substitute House Bill No. 392 would allow police dogs wounded on the job to be transported by ambulance.

There was a lengthy recess for the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Members of the House of Representatives gathered to bid their final goodbyes and discuss proposed modifications.

Prior to the Christmas break, the lame-duck session will continue.

Source: Spectrum News

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