Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shoots Catalytic Converter Crew One Night After Being Threatened by Gunmen

Irving Park‘s off-duty police officer shot an armed catalytic converter heist crew overnight. Chicago police records show that armed individuals accosted the off-duty policeman in the same spot for the second night in a row.

In the 2800 block of West Grace around 10:24 p.m. Sunday, the first event happened. A 43-year-old off-duty detective informed on-duty police that he witnessed a black and silver vehicle travelling the wrong way.

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A Chicago police official said the black car’s occupants leapt into the silver car after hitting a parked automobile. According to CPD, the silver automobile went past the off-duty officer and pointed a pistol at him before racing away.

No Shots Fired Sunday

Tuesday’s 2:50 a.m. events were different. According to a Chicago police media release, the off-duty officer witnessed three people attempting to steal a catalytic converter from a parked car.

The cop fired when one of the robbers brandished a revolver at him, authorities said. No one was shot.

The robbers left in a Dodge Charger and a white Hyundai vehicle, according to CPD.

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A Chicago Police Department traffic collision report states that the Hyundai driver reversed and hit a parked SUV before escaping. The report identifies the off-duty policeman as a Chicago police investigator.

The off-duty cop was hospitalised for chest problems after Tuesday’s incident, according to the agency.

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