(NYPD) 10th death in the subway system this year; safety activists demand for action

N.Y.C. — After the tenth death in the New York City subway system this year, campaigners for subway safety are demanding that the city do something about crime. The body was discovered on Thursday at the West 4th Street station. According to the police report, the victim was found with many stab wounds.

They claim he looked like a homeless person, and those walking by might have thought he was napping. Charlton D’souza, president of Passengers United, explained, “The problem is people have been so conditioned in the subway to see persons sleeping on the rails, sleeping on the floors, we’ve gotten used to this, and that tells something terrible about our city.”

“Dead homeless persons can be found on the streets every day. When will this occur? How many more individuals need to be affected before action is taken?” stated Colin Downer, a fellow subway rider.

To what extent the person was assaulted while sleeping is still under investigation. There has been no suspect apprehended as of yet.

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