NYC’s Giant Hawk Grabs a Huge Rat From a Trash Can and Takes Off: VIDEO

When a hawk has a successful day in New York City and it is captured in a viral video, we must discuss it.

Observe how this hawk dives into a garbage can. However, this is no ordinary trash can. It was from New York City. Who occasionally finds their way into them? Nothing else but rats. We have the opportunity to witness this hawk’s victory. How so?

The animal leaps into the can with great speed. It returns to the top with a rat in its claw.

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It’s incredible to witness this occur. Sure, they say that everything is larger in Texas. However, this rat seems to be larger than a rat found in Texas. This is a rat living in New York City.

This video will undoubtedly be worth seeing. Take a moment to observe the hawk enjoying a delicious meal.

Hawk Is In Total Control Of Rat In Video

The camera pans down at the start of the footage to see the hawk gazing down. He suddenly dives below and vanishes for a while.

We see him again, this time with a rat in his paw, so there’s no need to worry. Perhaps he was trying to convince himself to behave politely. He probably picked one up to clean his beak after he ate some fruit. As a result, it settles for a position on the rim.

It’s almost as if he’s aware that someone is recording his antics and wants to give them a chance to get a nice take.

The hawk strikes a pose for around thirty seconds before flying to a more commanding vantage point. Still, you shouldn’t worry. Even now, the bird’s claw is still holding on to the rat.

You can watch the video here:

This is our final chance to see the bird and rat interact before the video cuts off. New York City seems to be experiencing a little breeze today. Maybe the bird would get a good gust of wind and fly away with his prize in his beak.

You don’t run into a situation like this every day. Having such a moment captured on film is quite remarkable. The next time you see a hawk, ask yourself, “When did you last witness a hawk grab a rat in its claws?”

Indeed, from the depths of a New York City garbage can, no less! It’s quite unlikely that we’ll ever experience anything like this again.

This is the unique selling point of the video that has gone viral. Throughout his captivity, the hawk remained in complete command. It would have been awesome if the video continued on from where it left off.

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