NYC Parents Reminded: Activate Your Child’s Free College Scholarship Account Now!

Last month, City Schools Chancellor David C. Banks and NYC Kids RISE Founding Executive Director Debra-Ellen Glickstein announced a promising program aimed at giving New York City’s kindergarten pupils a head start on their higher education.

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program has provided NYC Scholarship Accounts to almost 200,000 students citywide, with an additional 75,000 students enrolling this year.

This attempt, which began in 2022, aims to close the wealth and academic gap among public school pupils, ensuring that monies are available after high school graduation.

Initiative Overview: The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program

The initiative runs on a simple premise: every kindergarten youngster will receive a scholarship account unless their family opts out.

NYC Kids RISE manages these scholarship monies, which are invested in New York’s 529 College Savings Program Direct Plan, a specialized investment account designed for educational savings, as stated by the city Department of Education (DOE).

NYC Parents Reminded Activate Your Child's Free College Scholarship Account Now!

Upon participation in the Save for College program, NYC Kids RISE creates a NYC Scholarship Account for each student, beginning with a $100 investment in their educational future.

Furthermore, families have the option to supplement this cash with additional benefits.

Challenges in Activation: Low Participation Rates and Multi-step Process

Despite the program’s great objectives, a difficulty occurs with the activation of these accounts. According to a recent Gothamist article, a substantial portion of parents have failed to take the measures required to profit fully from these college savings accounts.

According to data received through a Freedom of Information Law request, only 3.7% of families had completed the necessary steps to start investing in these accounts by June of last year.

The low participation rate is due to the complexity of the multi-step process, which includes activating the account and opening a separate college and career savings account.

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Support and Resources for Families: Navigating the Activation Process

Families can get help activating and seeing a child’s account by contacting their school’s parent coordinator, attending an upcoming virtual workshop at, emailing NYC Kids RISE at, or calling the NYC Kids RISE hotline at 833-543-7473.

These outlets aim to simplify the activation procedure and allow families to make the most of their child’s scholarship account.

As New York City works to promote educational equity and opportunities for its youngest residents, initiatives such as the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program play an important part in setting the framework for a better future.

However, bridging the gap between purpose and action necessitates collaborative efforts from both stakeholders and support systems to guarantee that every child’s educational journey begins on a solid foundation.

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