NYC Firefighters Brave Inferno: 1 Dead, 17 Injured in Daring Apartment Rescues

During a fire at an apartment building in New York City on Friday, which claimed one life and injured over a dozen more, firefighters executed a number of daring rescues.

Witnesses reported seeing people hang out of windows and fire escapes to escape the flames, and one person even leaped to the ground.

At 149th Street and St. Nicholas Place in Harlem, on the third floor of a six-story building, a two-alarm fire started shortly after 2:00 p.m.

According to fire officials, the flames had crept into the halls, trapping individuals in the levels above.

According to the New York Fire Department, there were “numerous” persons on the fire escapes when firemen arrived.

At a press conference, an FDNY official stated, “It was so dangerous that firefighters had to make three rope rescues, which is something very unusual for us to do at one fire.”

NYC Firefighters Brave Inferno 1 Dead, 17 Injured in Daring Apartment Rescues

FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens stated that because of the intensity of the fire, the department typically does one rope rescue a year.

He claimed that as the smoke and flames spread throughout the building, one person sprang out of a window.

“Unfortunately, due to the severity of this fire, one of the victims had to basically jump out of the window,” he stated. “They were hanging there for a little bit and they couldn’t hold on any longer and fell.”

Michelle Paradis, a witness, reported what she witnessed of the window jumper to FOX 5 NY.

“They were on the window sill, and they were trying to escape, but it’s all the way on the top floor … they were hanging onto the window,” she continued. “I guess they couldn’t hang on for long, and they fell to the ground.”

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Eighteen persons were hurt in total. Twelve of them were sent to nearby medical facilities. Out of those victims, five are critically ill. Whether the deceased was the one who leaped out of the window remained unclear.

Firefighters used a technique called rope rescue, in which they linked themselves to a rope that was held from the roof and lowered from the side of a building to save people who were hanging outside windows due to the intense smoke.

From there, with help from the NYPD Special Operations Aviation Unit, the firefighter frees the trapped victim, and they are both lowered to the ground.

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Regarding the firefighters’ actions on Friday, FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens called them “a very heroic action.”

A probationary firefighter with less than a year on the job was one of the two firefighters involved in the risky rescues.

Three persons were discovered unconscious on the upper floors and provided with life-saving care, according to Hodgens.

The cause of the fire has not been identified.

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