NYC Bodega Worker Fatally Shot in Daylight Over Cigar Dispute, Heartbroken Mom Speaks Out

A Brooklyn bodega clerk was tragically shot in the back of the head on Monday afternoon after allegedly refusing to offer his killer a free cigar, according to detectives and the victim’s devastated mother.

The 37-year-old victim, Nazim Berry, was gunned down outside Amin Deli on 801 Franklin Ave. in Crown Heights, where he worked as a clerk, according to police and union officials.

The argument began inside the store when the suspect asked Berry for a Black and Mild cigar without paying, according to the killed worker’s mother, Danette Hollie, who spoke with reporters near the crime scene.

Berry “said no, and they started to argue,” Hollie, 58, explained.

She claimed she was told the suspect departed the store but returned shortly after with a revolver and got into a fight with her son outside the bodega at 4:15 p.m.

“They said that they tussled … and the guy pointed the gun right to the side of his head, the back of his head, he shot him,” she explained.

Berry was taken to Kings County Hospital Center and pronounced dead, according to officials.

Police stated one guy escaped on foot after the cold-blooded homicide. There have been no arrests made.

NYC Bodega Worker Fatally Shot in Daylight Over Cigar Dispute, Heartbroken Mom Speaks Out

Hollie stated that her son worked at the bodega for a long time and had previous issues with clients wanting free products.

“I knew that it had to be over something stupid because I know his heart,” she remarked, calling her son a “beautiful person.”

Berry suffered from schizophrenia and was monitored by a case worker, according to Hollie.

A union representing bodega workers announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

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According to United Bodegas of America (UBA) spokesperson Fernando Mateo, the gunman and Berry got into a dispute inside the store, which spilled out onto the pavement.

“Took a young life for no reason whatsoever over an argument, over a quarrel over a cigar,” Mateo stated during a Monday night press conference. “I mean, it shouldn’t have happened and it did.”

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The UBA representative urged Big Apple judges and prosecutors “to do their jobs” and hold criminals more responsible for the safety of bodega employees.

“We are at wits end,” Mateo remarked. “New York is not what it used to be.”

“We need to take our city back,” he said. “Bodega owners are afraid, they fear for their lives.”

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