No More Plastic Bags in Frederick County from Monday

Starting next year, Frederick City is introducing a significant change: urging shoppers to opt for reusable bags while saying goodbye to single-use plastic bags.

This step aims to tackle the environmental impact caused by the staggering 27 million tons of plastic deposited in landfills nationwide in 2018, as reported by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The city of Frederick, Maryland, is banning businesses from giving out plastic bags starting in the new year:

Mixed Reactions and Environmental Consciousness

Residents of Frederick share diverse opinions about this transition. Tiana Massaquoi, an enthusiastic shopper, expresses optimism, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Conversely, some shoppers, like Tisha Finniff, foresee inconveniences, citing occasional forgetfulness about carrying reusable bags and additional costs when purchasing high-end items.

On the other hand, individuals like Willy Chirirnos are already aligned with the eco-friendly approach, preferring reusable bags for their positive environmental impact.

Frederick’s Stand: A Total Ban on Plastic Bag Distribution

While certain Maryland cities and counties permit retailers to levy charges for plastic bags, Frederick is taking a firm stance by entirely eliminating plastic bag distribution at checkout counters.

Instead, customers are encouraged to use their reusable bags for shopping. Importantly, Frederick’s retail outlets cannot charge customers for plastic bags but have the flexibility to sell paper or reusable bags as an alternative.

Take a look at these fresh headlines below:

Frederick’s Stores: Say Bye to Plastic Bags for a Cleaner City

Frederick's Stores Say Bye to Plastic Bags for a Cleaner City
Frederick’s Stores Say Bye to Plastic Bags for a Cleaner City

This ban encompasses a wide array of retail outlets within Frederick’s city boundaries.

From grocery stores, convenience shops, and gas stations to hardware stores, eateries, and specialty boutiques—every retail establishment falls under this environmentally conscious regulation, emphasizing a collective effort toward a sustainable future.

The implementation of this plastic bag ban signifies Frederick’s proactive step in addressing environmental concerns.

By involving the community in this transition and incorporating diverse perspectives, the city aims to forge a more environmentally conscious shopping culture while contributing to the larger cause of environmental conservation.

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