No Extension of Unemployment Benefits for New York Residents

The State of New York will not extend federal pandemic unemployment programs that expired over Labor Day weekend. 

The programs that have expired are Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, the $300 payments from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, and $100 payments from the Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation program.   

Despite some states extending unemployment benefits because of the CARES act, it seems that New York wouldn’t be one of them. Gov. Kathy Hochul cites an $11 billion deficit in their insurance trust fund. 

“What we determined was that the federal government has to okay allocations to us and secondly because our unemployment system was so overtaxed last year and a half that we now have an $11 billion deficit and the state law does not allow us any increases in resources as long as there is a deficit,” Gov. Hochul said. 

However, the New York governor said the state would instead be refocusing efforts for job retraining for those who are still unemployed.

She said, “I know where the programs are and it’s about connecting people helping them get retraining for a job because some of these jobs may never come back.”

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She also signed new pieces of legislation dedicated to the labor force ahead of the Labor Day celebrations. On Monday, the governor went to Western New York to sign the following: 

  • Establishing a demonstration program that would implement speed violation monitoring systems in work zones by using photo monitoring devices; Legislation (S.4682-B/A.485-B) 
  • Making construction contractors liable for wages owed to employees of their subcontractors; Legislation (A.3350-A/S.2766-C) 
  • Requiring the payment of prevailing wage to building service employees at co-ops and condos that get 467-a tax abatements; Legislation (S.6350-A/A.7434-A) 
  • Extending shared work benefits; Legislation (S.4049/A.5678)

“On Labor Day every year, we’re reminded of the vital contributions of organized labor to building New York, and that’s why I’m signing four pieces of legislation to help workers thrive across our state.”

Governor Hochul’s office says that these four pieces of legislation will not only boost workplace safety, but they will also put more money in New Yorkers’ pockets.

“These bills will make sure workers are paid fair wages, receive good benefits, and stay safe on their worksites.

Our state is home to a long and proud legacy of supporting working New Yorkers, and we’re working to bolster that for the future,” Governor Hochul added.

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