Nine Children Got Injured in a Bus Crash- A school Bus Driver with a Revoked License was Arrested as He was Intoxicated while Driving

According to the authorities, a school bus driver in the D.C. region was arrested for DUI after he crashed into a ditch, injuring nine students returning from a field trip. The event was reported by the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia. According to the report, the driver was identified as 48-year-old Troy Reynolds.

About 44 kids and four adults from Murch Elementary School in D.C. were returning from a field trip to Cox Farms in Centreville, Virginia. After striking a rock, the bus swerved dangerously and went off the road, damaging a tire’s rim and forcing it to flatten. “Reynolds continued driving until the adults aboard the bus urged him to follow a second bus,” the police report reads. There was a parking area where the two buses had stopped.

According to authorities, nine youngsters were treated with minor injuries after first responders arrived at the parking lot. Reynolds was interviewed by police and subsequently arrested after allegedly failing a field sobriety test with a blood alcohol concentration. of 20, significantly higher than the.08 limits in Virginia.

The driver was carrying a fake medical I.D.

Following an investigation, police in Maryland learned that Reynolds had his license suspended due to a previous DWI conviction in Virginia.  According to D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Lewis Ferebee, “a complete assessment of our transportation vendors to ensure that student safety is always paramount” is currently underway.

Motor Carrier Safety cited both Reynolds and the second bus driver on the trip for 18 separate safety infractions, leading passengers and the public to wonder how they got their licenses in the first place. None of the bus drivers “had the required license to run a school bus,” according to the Metropolitan Community Services Board.

Multiple news outlets have sought a response from the school district, but none have heard back. Intoxicated driving, commercial DWI with child endangerment, and gross, wanton, or irresponsible care for a kid is the allegations against Reynolds. The bond on his detention is currently set at $0.

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