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New York Attorney General Sues Nursing Home for Fraud, Neglect

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, filed a lawsuit against a nursing home in Western New York on Tuesday. She said that the owners “wove a sophisticated web of deception” that hurt patients and led to dangerous COVID-19 epidemic conditions.

The Villages of Orleans Health and Rehabilitation Center’s owners, operators, and allied organisations were sued for using Medicaid monies for personal profit rather than staffing and patient care.

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“Everyone deserves to live out their senior years in comfort and dignity,” James remarked. The Villages and its owners failed to honour their legal duties, causing its inhabitants to endure cruel treatment, neglect, and damage.

The Villages got $86 million in Medicare and Medicaid payments for resident health care from 2015 to 2021. The complaint claimed the owners diverted 20% of it to their own corporations to maximise profits. The complaint claimed inadequate personnel and poor treatment.

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According to the lawsuit, residents were forced to sit in their own urine and faeces for hours, suffered malnutrition and dehydration, developed sepsis, gangrene, and other infections due to gaping bed sores and inadequate wound care, endured medical toxicity and unexplained doping, and fell and were injured. Other unmonitored or unreported abuses led to illness and death.

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