Google Tells Employees to Get Vaccinated or They’ll Lose Pay Be Fired Eventually

Everyone knows Google. It’s like the biggest and the best search engine ever, you get answers to almost every query you make on Google. It’s fast, it’s rich in content and it’s improving every time.

Google with its parent company Alphabet specializes in products in advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, software, hardware, artificial intelligence, automation, autonomous cars, biotechnology, Cloud computing, corporate venture capital, fiber to the x, health care, Internet, and robotics.

Google is considered one of the Big Five companies in the American information technology industry, along with Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Meta (Facebook).

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140,000 Workers

Google in 2021 is recorded to have at least 140,000 Employees in America. Taking care of its employees is a priority for the leadership at Google.

This is why they encouraged their workers to get vaccinated over time; and now in their recent memo to their workers, especially with the omicron variant of the COVID standing as a threat; in this memo, they informed the workers of new changes in the COVID vaccine policies.

Covid Vaccine Mandate

In the memo that CNBC got hold of, Google gave their employees until December 3 to upload proof of vaccination or apply for a medical or religious exemption otherwise, those who are unvaccinated will have salary cut and eventually be fired.

Once December 3 passed, Google informed that workers who refuse to comply with the company’s COVID vaccine policy by January 18 will be placed on a paid administrative leave, for a month.

If the worker still hasn’t gotten the vaccine, then the worker is expected to take a mandatory unpaid personal leave for 6 months, and afterward, their employment with Google ends if they still won’t take the vaccine. The memo added that “a small handful of employees already based outside of Google’s offices may be able to continue working remotely without the vaccine.”

A Google spokesperson said in a statement that, “our vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways we can keep our workforce safe and keep our services running, the company stands behind our vaccination policy.

“We expect that almost all roles at Google in the US will fall within the scope of the executive order, anyone entering a Google building must be fully vaccinated or have an approved accommodation that allows them to work or come onsite, frequent testing is not a valid alternative to vaccination.”

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Why Vaccine Hesitancy?

Religions reasons, medical issues, concerns about side effects, belief in the conspiracy theories, little trust in the vaccines or the companies that produced them. are various reasons people don’t want the vaccine.

According to data collected from From Our World in Data, as of 15th December 2021, 72.8%(239,975,167) of American adults have taken at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, 61.1%(201,292,080) are fully vaccinated, 17%(55,988,563) have received a booster. This means we have 27.2% of American adults who are yet to be vaccinated.

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