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New Legislation Rules – Teachers’ Unions could be Blocked From Receiving Federal Funding in Texas

The legislation now pending might prevent teacher unions from getting government cash. The No Federal Funding for Teachers’ Unions Act was sponsored by Texas Republican Ronny Jackson to prevent taxpayer money from going to what he calls “corrupt” teachers’ unions.

On Wednesday, a congressman from Texas filed a bill to end government financing for teachers’ unions. No Federal Funds May Be Provided to a Labor Organization the Members of Which Are Education Professionals” is a provision in the No Federal Funding for Teachers’ Unions Act, presented by Republican Texas Representative Ronny Jackson.

It specifies that a teacher is someone who works in a pre-university, secondary, or higher education setting

On the steps of the House Chamber in the Capitol Building on the morning of January 4, 2021, freshman members of the House Republican Conference posed for a portrait, including freshman Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX).

‘Teachers’ unions have a distressing history of choosing self-interest over pupils and indoctrination over education,’ Ronny Jackson said. “The values of the parents, kids, and educators in my district are not reflected in curriculums that promote racism and gender confusion.”

No tax dollars should go to groups whose priority is influencing Democrats in office rather than helping students and parents. Restoring parental rights in education and making corrupt union leaders accountable are two major goals of my legislation.”

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