New Jersey: Deli Serves Some Of The Best Sandwiches In The State

New Jersey has a plethora of Sandwich alternatives. From massive submarine sandwiches to the notorious fat sandwich, you’ll find it somewhere in the Garden State. Still, with so many options. It can be challenging to determine which restaurants are good and which are excellent.

You may already have a favourite place to get a juicy sub depending on where you live. But if we’ve learned anything from the experts, some of the best. Most delectable restaurants, you can find in the most unlikely locations.

Dad’s Deli is one of those establishments. Many people drive right by this Deli in Marlton every day without even realizing it’s hidden behind a Rita’s. This hidden gem serves some of the most delectable sandwiches in the state; continue reading to find out more.

This small building is located on N Maple Ave, at the end of a long driveway set back from the street. In 2006, the Deli opened its doors and had since become a local favourite, known for its simple, no-frills interior, friendly service, and delicious breakfast and sub-options.

Dad’s menu features classic breakfast and lunch items such as homemade salads, soups, 8 oz burgers, hot dogs, cold and hot subs, and their infamous giant original hoagies.

These bad boys are available in various vegetarian and meat combinations, including the Southwestern Wild Fire, topped with Santa Fe turkey, pepper jack cheese, and fried hot peppers.

Dad’s Deli is also well-known for its outstanding cheesesteak sandwiches. There are over nine mouthwatering varieties. It includes classics and more unique options such as the pepperoni pizza steak, which can top with tomato sauce and hot peppers.

Check out Dad’s if you’re trying to find the best delis in South Jersey. You can learn more about their menu and weekly specials by visiting their official website. Dad’s Deli is open until 2 p.m. every day of the week.

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