New COVID-19 Outbreak Causes Another Lockdown in China

Lanzhou, a city in northwest China populated with over 4 million people, has been set on lockdown in other to efficiently contain people reported to have contained domestic coronavirus on Tuesday.

“Closed management is to be implemented in all sorts of residential communities,” the local administration declared.

Dressed in hazmat suits, officers were placed at the doorstep of each household in the city after the discovery of the domestic virus.

Going forward, individuals who already have records of being infected with Corvid-19 in the last 14 days will not be allowed entry.

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New order placed recently also restricts occupancy in places such as Parks, scenic regions, theatres, museums, and other indoor facilities to 75 percent occupancy.

In addition, Mahjong rooms are been closed for now.

Earlier on Sunday, entries were extremely restricted by the government prompting people who live in areas were positive cases have been discovered to their submit negative corvid-19 test (if they have any) and must also placed themselves under the advised 14 days of health monitoring.

So far, there have been 14 documented positive cases in the wake of the new domestic virus.

12 cases among these cases have be reported in the last three days.

The rising of a new outbreak in the face of the fast approaching 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing may be major concern of the country and other stack holders around the world.

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