New Ambulance Service Launches in Etowah County

Gadsden is set to welcome a new ambulance service, A-Med, spearheaded by Jamie Grant, who brings his wealth of military experience to this venture.

The former Altoona Medical Emergency Dispatch, now rebranded as A-Med, was acquired by Etowah County Commissioner Jamie Grant, signaling a significant shift in emergency medical services in the region.

Collaborative Approach and Enhanced Coverage

While Gadsden and Etowah County already have Advantage E-M-S in operation, Mayor Craig Ford highlighted the considerable cost associated with a city-operated ambulance service. Collaborating with companies like Jamie Grant’s A-Med presents a more financially viable option.

Grant explained, “With this license, I can work in tandem with existing services. We manage five ambulances across the county, serving areas like Rainbow City, Attalla, Glencoe, and now, we’re expanding our service to Gadsden, joining the two existing ambulance services.”

A-Med aims to maintain its base in Altoona, providing uninterrupted 24-hour service. The company expresses enthusiasm about its new role within Gadsden and the wider Etowah County, foreseeing a positive impact through its commitment to efficient emergency medical care.

Do you know, ambulance returned to South Side Hospital after 11 years, see news below:

This strategic collaboration marks a significant development in the provision of emergency medical services in Gadsden, ensuring wider coverage and enhanced support for residents in need of immediate medical attention within Etowah County.

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