New Ad Campaign – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is Roasted

The new ad portraying Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as “cool” has drawn criticism from some residents, even though the city is experiencing a serious crime problem. Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell appeared on Thursday’s “Fox & Friends” to discuss, calling Lightfoot a “disgrace” and suggesting that he “resign.”

“It’s time for a new mayor, and if you don’t agree, you’re out of your mind.” Caldwell said that she should just quit in shame. The new ad for the Democrat’s campaign claims that she kept her “cool” throughout the COVID outbreak and “delivered” more employment.

In Caldwell’s words, Chicagoans are “weary of the missteps” made by Lightfoot. Last year was the worst in Chicago in over two decades. Consider the high poverty rate that Chicago’s youth face; at 16%, it’s higher than the national average. He answered, “In Chicago, it’s 23%.

Caldwell explained the toll Lightfoot’s actions have taken on his family and others

“On June 24th, at 114 South Vincent Street, my brother was slain. The price has been paid, but so have the lives of countless more people and their loved ones. I have a friend named Lori Lightfoot who has watched two brothers die within three years. The mother of four of my friend’s friends died tragically,” he stated.

Caldwell said it was great news that Republicans won the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives so that the federal government could take action to address the crime epidemic.

The spending of federal funds in Cook County, which includes Chicago, needs to be monitored. We need to ensure that FBI is involved in some of these cases because it becomes overwhelming for many families,” he said.

Jimmy Failla called the crime situation in Chicago “out of control”

Fox News radio personality Jimmy Failla called the crime situation in Chicago “out of control,” joking that SEAL Team Six should conduct training exercises there. She has never respected anyone other than Lori Lightfoot.

“Remember when she was caught during the pandemic on her way to get a hairdo and her makeup done, and she was all, ‘I’ve got to do TV hits,'” he asked viewers of “Fox & Friends First.” OutKick co-founder and “Fox & Friends” guest Clay Travis responded by labeling Lightfoot “the worst mayor in America” and mocking the “absurd” video.

During COVID, she, too, lost her calm. She would routinely cancel classes and mandate that students wear masks… Watching this, I thought to myself, “No one with a functional brain could vote for Lori Lightfoot’s re-election,

” Until he recalled that John Fetterman had recently been installed in Pennsylvania. “It doesn’t seem to matter what qualifications you have, whether you can even speak, or whether you are healthy enough to do the job,” he said. It’s a dead-on depiction of how terrible she has been.

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