Was Netflix’s True Story inspired by real events?

Many people are wondering what the show with Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes is called.

What, ultimately, is the truth of a True Story?

Kevin Hart, a fan favorite from the original Jumanji, has teamed up with Blade star and Hollywood veteran Wesley Snipes for the smash hit series True Story on Netflix.

When international comedy star The Kid (Hart) returns to his native Philadelphia, he does so with a newfound degree of fame.

When The Kid (Snipes) returns to his hometown, he meets up with his older, less successful brother, Carlton (also played by Snipes), and the two of them have a wild night out.

However, things take a dark turn the following morning when Carlton wakes The Kid awake to tell him that the woman sharing his bed has died.

What happens next is a potpourri of murder, comedy, tragedy, and betrayal. Is there a degree to which these reflect reality?

True Story is a work of fiction, despite the title’s suggestion otherwise; yet, some details are drawn from Kevin Hart’s actual life.

Without further ado, therefore, here is everything you have to know about True Story.

Does True Story come from an actual event?

Showrunner Eric Newman (Narcos) told the New York Times that Hart specifically requested to portray a self-aware role since both he and his character are Philadelphia-born, worldwide renowned stand-up comedians.

Naturally, Hart has never attempted any of the nefarious acts that The Kid engages in during the seven episodes of this series. Still, he has admitted that he, too, faces the persistent urge to act inappropriately.

To quote him, “it’s so easy to do dumb s**t,” he told the New York Times. You can have it whenever you like.

Choosing to act morally and to live a good life is an active choice. This is also working.

Not to put too negative a spin on it, but you have to put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything is done correctly and in the right way.

As a leader, you need a team that isn’t afraid to say “no.” At the same time, Hart’s personal experience served as inspiration for The Kid’s hectic schedule in True Story. Hart argues that his “mind-blowing” productivity is the result of his innate ability to multitask.

In the Netflix documentary Don’t F**k This Up, Hart reveals that he had an older brother (called Robert, not Carlton) who was emancipated by their mother when he was a child.

However, Kevin and Robert still have a strong friendship. Thus the tension between Carlton and The Kid is not based on their real-life connection.

You may watch this True Story On Netflix only.

Source: RadioTimes

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