Netflix Will Get More Expensive – Here are the details

Netflix’s previously-announced price increase has begun to take effect for many customers. Netflix announced plans to increase its prices in January, beginning with new customers. During that time, the company said existing subscribers would also see a price increase “gradually.”.

How Netflix Will Raise Its Prices

As first noted by The Verge and reported by 9to5Mac today, Netflix now appears to be increasing prices across the board. Existing subscribers will receive an email giving them one month’s notice of the increase.

According to Netflix:

The cost of your plan has changed. This change takes effect Sunday, April 17th, 2022. You can view your updated membership details by visiting your Account.

We hope you’re enjoying Netflix, and we’re always adding new TV shows and movies for our members to enjoy.

Which Netflix plan you subscribe to will determine how much the price will increase. Streaming in 4K is only available on the premium plan, which increases from $17.99 to $19.99 per month.

The price of the standard plan has increased from $13.99 to $15.49. Users can watch on two screens simultaneously and stream HD (but not 4K). In addition, the basic plan will increase from $8.99 to $9.99 and is limited to one screen and no HD streaming.

9to5Mac’s Perspective

Netflix has a history of raising prices, something the company has promised to do as its value as a service increases. According to 9to5MAC, users are growing increasingly annoyed at these price increases – especially since services like Apple TV+, Disney+, and Peacock are priced between $10 or been lesser.

Netflix is also cracking down on password sharing at the same time as it increases prices. Users who share their passwords with people outside of their home would have to pay extra under a new add-on subscription.

Netflix’s current pricing structure makes 4K streaming frustrating because it is only available through the premium subscription plan. To be honest, no one wants four simultaneous devices but certainly will love a 4K playback. In this event, the $20 premium plan is the only option.

What do you think of Netflix’s most recent price increase? Are prices getting out of hand for the service? Please share your thoughts below.

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