Neighbour Whose Bull Dogs Slay a Great Grandmother Found Not Guilty

In Oklahoma City, a dog owner has been found not guilty of his vicious American Bully dogs attack which led to the killing of a great grandmother.

In the “extraordinaryily tough case,” the jury took several hours to reach a thorough decision.

Cecille Short, aged 82, was killed by Antwon Burks’ bull dogs.

Investigators were told that Ms Short had been “dragged like a carpet” down the street by the vicious dogs, and that the great grandmother’s small dog had been torn apart by the bull dogs.

Mr Bucks was thought to be away from home at the time of the horrifying incident.

There were broken bones was found in the 82 year old as at the time of the investigation.

Burks, 36, was charged with second-degree murder.

The grandmother had been killed by Burks’ dog as at April 2017.

The former college footballer appeared in court on Friday, and the jury found him not guilty of Ms Short’s death after deliberating for several hours.

The Kansas State football team reported that Mr Burks was a quarterback in the football team previously.

Burks’ prosecutors asserted that he was aware of his dogs’ aggressive tendencies and that he had been negligent in not controlling them.

Despite facing four years in prison ahead of the trial, Burks pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During Mr Burks’ trial, an attorney for him testified that he had no knowledge that his dogs were vicious and his family had informed the investigators the dogs were friendly.

“They were bought from a reputable breeder,” the attorney, Ed Blau, said to Oklahoma News4.

“They were well trained. We had witness after witness testify they didn’t think something like this could happen.”

According to Oklahoma News4, after the trial jury’s decision was announced on Friday, district attorney David Prater said Buck was “heartbroken for the family of Cecille Short.”

In addition, he stated that while he did not understand the jury’s decision, he respected it regardless.

In his statement, Mr Blau’s lawyer thanked the jury for bringing a conclusion to a four-year wait, as well as for engaging in a “extraordinaryily tough case”.

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