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Nearly Brain-Dead Woman Survives After Being Removed From Life Support


Lyndee’s family thought she would never wake up from a coma. Lyndee managed to hear her family while she was in a coma and repeated the message her husband gave her while he held her hand.

Sometimes people can hear, even if they cannot move or speak. In this case, Lyndee heard everything going on around her and repeated the message her husband was whispering in her ear, “I need you to fight.”

In December 2015, Lyndee suffered from five blood clots. After recovering, she developed five more blood clots. Lyndee is now in the hospital being treated for her condition.

Lyndee got married in 2013. Even though she had been in a coma for years, she was still able to hear her husband’s voice. When he whispered to her to fight, the power of love saved her life.

Despite their love, Lyndee and her husband never met again because of their commitments with their careers and other family matters back home. Despite the distance, they continued dating long distances through texting and phone calls.

One day in October 2013, her husband took a chance and asked Lyndee if she would like to go on a date with him. She said yes. To his disbelief, she was in Phoenix for work that week! The rest is history.

Lyndee thanked her family and the doctors who doubled the average rate of her survival because she wouldn’t be alive to tell her story without them. “I can’t express enough my gratitude to everyone who supported me,” she said.

She also said that her love for her family is what kept her alive. She heard everything they said to each other and made sure they knew how much she loved them. She added: “Sometimes, you need a little reminder. I think the power of love is what kept me alive.”

Love Conquers All

There is a saying that “love conquers all,” and it certainly lives up to its name. Love helped this woman survive one of the most tragic experiences in her life. For that, she is genuinely thankful.

Love conquers all. Lyndee survived a coma because of her love for her family. She is thankful for the love everyone gave her when she woke up from a coma and is back to her everyday life.

Lyndee says she believes in miracles, and she’s thankful to have been given a second chance.

So far, Lyndee has written a book about her experience and shares how her family believes in miracles.

She recalls the moments when everyone was saying their last goodbyes. She kept hearing Steve tell her to fight for life during that time, so she did what he told her to. “I didn’t want to give up on my son, Amanda, Steve, or my life,” she says.

Lyndee is now back to her old self, but she still has health issues. She is undergoing physical therapy sessions for walking and says that the support of her family has kept her going.

After sharing her story, she advises people to keep their loved ones close, no matter what happens. “I have a purpose and a meaning for being on this earth, and it’s not just about me. I have a daughter and a wonderful family who I love dearly,” said Lyndee.

Lyndee’s story is a reminder that miracles do exist. Her survival is just another proof that the fight to live should not stop until it is time to pass on. Doctors should keep patients in a coma alive, especially if they can hear and respond to their loved ones.

In the end, it is the family that decides what to do with their loved one. Whether they want them to stay or not, that is up to them.

Those who want a miracle should make a decision. The only way to be sure is to try and survive no matter what happens. The sooner you start, the better it will be for you and your loved ones. For those who want a miracle, I suggest you start looking and praying now.


Lyndee Pellettiere-Swapp’s story is truly inspiring. She is proof that there can be miracles in life, and people survive after everything seems over for them. She is a determined woman, and she has written a book about her experience. In the book, she tells her story and how it changed her life for the better.

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