Nearly $1 Million in Drugs Found in Man’s Freezer, Officials Say

Cook County sheriff’s office detectives uncovered about $1 million worth of drugs, over $11,000 in cash, and a revolver in a man’s house. He’s on probation for cocaine production and delivery.

83 Heroin Packages and 36 Crack Bags

Charles Douglas, 35, faces new drug charges but not gun possession. Douglas was under electronic monitoring as a Class X armed chronic felon.

Chicago police recovered 83 heroin packages and 36 crack bags beneath the carpeting behind his driver’s seat on July 31. Behind the passenger seat, police located a loaded firearm.

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During a bail hearing on August 1, Douglas’s counsel maintained he didn’t own the automobile and earned $700 a week from construction.

He secured a $12,000 bond and went home under electronic monitoring the same day.
Prosecutor Rhianna Biernat said that when detectives from the sheriff’s office were doing a “compliance check” on electronic monitoring, they found a huge stash of drugs in a deep freezer in the basement.

Biernat stated the appliance included $929,700 in cocaine, $5,680 in heroin, 21 packs of sleep aid, carfentanil, and other drugs. Investigators also uncovered a bag of “Grey Death,” a concoction of carfentanil, heroin, and other opiates more toxic than fentanyl.

Biernat did not mention the gun at Douglas’ bond hearing. Officials recovered $11,858 in Douglas’ bedside drawer.

Douglas, a lady, and another resident were handcuffed in the living room during the search. Douglas reportedly told the lady, “You can take it and go tomorrow, versus me never leaving.”

The lady who hosted Douglas’ electronic surveillance reportedly said, “I’m not doing that.” You’d better be good.”

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His attorney said the drugs were in a basement freezer, but Douglas resided on the first level. She claimed that his alleged response to the lady was not a “statement of possession,” and that the other basement bedrooms were not his.

The state’s claims are “weak at best,” she said.

Douglas must pay a $10,000 bond deposit to get out of prison on fresh accusations. Douglas is jailed for breaking his bond and probation.

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