Muslim Advocacy Group Demands Hate Crime Charges in Texas Stabbing Case

The largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group in the country is requesting that federal and state hate crime charges be filed against the man who was detained after stabbing a 23-year-old Palestinian American man on Sunday night in Texas.

Zacharia Doar, the victim, had surgery and was admitted to the hospital after the event, which happened during a pro-Palestinian protest in Austin, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The Victim’s Family and Community Leaders Demand Justice

Zacharia Doar’s father, Nizar Doar, addressed at a news conference with CAIR representatives and community leaders, demanding that the incident be investigated as a hate crime.

Nizar Doar voiced his grief at his son’s injuries, emphasizing the emotional toll on the family, particularly as Zacharia and his wife recently had a newborn.

The confrontation began when the suspect allegedly tried to forcefully remove a flagpole draped with a keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian ancestry, from the victim’s vehicle.

Suspect in Custody and Investigation Underway

The Austin Police Department identified the culprit as Bert James Baker and stated that the attack looked to be biased.

Baker, 36, is charged with second-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Muslim Advocacy Group Demands Hate Crime Charges in Texas Stabbing Case

Authorities claimed that the case will be reviewed by the Hate Crimes Review Committee, with the district attorney eventually deciding whether hate crime charges are appropriate. The investigation is underway.

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The Community Stands in Solidarity and Calling for Accountability

In response to the tragedy, several community leaders and groups have expressed support for the victim and his friends.

Fayyaz Shah, chair of CAIR Austin’s board, criticized the rise in anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiment across the country.

The Austin Muslim community has demanded that the suspect face hate crime charges and that federal authorities conduct an investigation into the incident.

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The purported attack raises concerns about increased intolerance and prejudice against Muslim and Palestinian populations amid the Middle East’s protracted war.

As authorities continue their investigation, supporters underline the necessity of holding hate crime perpetrators accountable and providing justice for victims like Zacharia Doar.

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