Mr. Biden Says the Government Won’t Shut Down ‘Unless Somebody Is Totally Erratic’

In a statement on Monday, United State of America President Joe Biden said he is not expecting a partial shutdown after Friday midnight, while lawmakers give in efforts to keep the government open as long as possible.

“I don’t believe that will happen. We have everything in place to be able to make sure there is no shutdown,” Biden said, adding that he had spoken to both McConnell and Schumer who are both Senator majority Leaders.

“There is a plan in place unless somebody decides to be totally erratic,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

A measure to prevent a government shutdown had been passed by the Senate late on Thursday, ending a partisan standoff over government vaccine mandates ahead of the Friday deadline.

“I am glad that in the end, cooler heads prevailed. The government will stay open and I thank the members of this chamber for walking us back from the brink of an avoidable, needless and costly shutdown,” New York Democrat Chuck Schumer said.

69 senators voted in favor of the measure, while 28 moved against it.

This would have resulted in millions of public sector workers going unpaid over the holidays, as well as museums and parks remaining closed during the holidays.

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As a result of Mr. Biden’s demand for mandatory Covid vaccinations for large company employees, a group of Republican senators threatened to derail the funding bill.

Nevertheless, Democrats thwarted their effort to attach an amendment preventing the implementation of the vaccine initiative.

In recent years, several government shutdowns have resulted from political tugs-of-war over government funding.

As part of the temporary measure signed into law by President Biden in October, the government will continue to run until 3 December.

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