More than a million households have only one month left to apply for a $1,400 stimulus check.

In all, they can be worth up to $1,400 for each of the participants.

As of December 2021, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) had issued 175 million checks totaling $400 billion.



A debt of gratitude can be traced back to several people.

While the majority of recipients have already received their stimulus payments, others may still be due one and must take action quickly before the deadline approaches.

The following are possible explanations for this:

  • Parents who welcomed a child in the year 2021
  • On their tax return for 2021, those who claimed a dependant
  • More than $80,000 per year for individuals and $160,000 per year for a married couple in 2020, but less than that amount in 2021
  • Eligible family members who died in 2021 and did not receive the entire stimulus payment will be eligible for compensation.

Those who had a child in the previous year fall into a large segment.

Data from the Census Bureau shows that 9,710 babies were born every day in March 2021.

If that pace holds true in 2021, more than 3.54 million children will have been born.

Remember that if you or your partner earns $75,000 or less, you can claim the entire $1,400 as a tax credit for singles and $150,000 as a couple.

There are two thresholds when payments begin to decrease and end completely: $80,000 and $160,000.

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Children in Poverty, 32% of children who have both parents are married are poor.

That would mean that at least a million people in that category would meet the definition of being eligible.

For a family of four, the federal poverty level was $26,500 in 2021.

How do you file a claim for compensation?

Tax returns must be filed by anyone who feel they are still eligible for a stimulus check.

The Recovery Rebate Credit is available to those who qualify.

However, this year’s tax filing deadline is April 18, so you’ll need to get moving immediately to avoid missing out.

What else can I do to receive a stimulus payment?

Stimulus checks and other payments are currently being sent to thousands automatically.

Several states have used Rescue Act monies to start their own programs, which is why this has happened.

California is one of them, and the state recently notified The Sun that it will send up 70,000 stimulus payments in the middle of the month to the federal government.

Among the states that are distributing up to $4,000 in stimulus funds is New Jersey, which is targeting specific groups that were not eligible for federal stimulus funds.

In addition, 250,000 workers in Oregon will receive $600 stimulus cheques.

To receive up to $22,503 from the Internal Revenue Service, you’ll need these five documents.

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