Monkeys in India Murders 250 Dogs in Retaliation of Killing Their Baby

In one Indian district, enraged monkeys slaughtered 250 dogs by carrying them to the tops of buildings and trees and dropping them there.

A number of panic-stricken people have also been targeted, and they claim that the acts of animal aggression were carried out “in retaliation” after a pack of dogs attacked and killed one of the monkeys’ infants.

Extremely gruesome events were reported in the villages of Majalgaon, where it is estimated that 250 dogs were slaughtered by rabid monkeys, and adjacent Lavul, both of which are located in Maharashtra’s Beed district.

As reported on the News18 website in India, there is “not a single pup” left in Lavul, where even schoolchildren are being pursued and assaulted.

According to villagers, as soon as they see a dog, monkeys attack it and drag it up to a high elevation – the top of a building or the top of a tree – where it is dropped to its death.

According to the statistics, 250 dogs have been slaughtered in this manner in the last month alone.

The attacks were confirmed by images that circulated in Indian media. The first depicts a monkey on a roof, which is seen bringing a puppy to the edge of a building.

Separate video footage, which may have captured the incident that precipitated the vengeance assaults, shows dogs pursuing monkeys through the village as women and children fled for their lives in fear of their lives. Initially, it appeared that the dogs were protecting a toddler.

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Residents of the village made contact with officials from the forest department, requesting that the killer monkeys be apprehended and killed.

However, when officers were dispatched to the village, they could not apprehend even a single one of the primates, according to News18.

According to the villagers, the monkeys are retaliating against the humans for their actions.

There has been speculation that the violence began when several of the dogs attacked and killed a young monkey.

Following the failure of the authorities to address the situation, residents are said to have taken it upon themselves to attempt to save the dogs.

However, when they did, the monkeys retaliated, with several men falling from great heights themselves while attempting to save dogs who had been pulled there, according to the news station that carried the story of the incident.

Apparently dissatisfied with their success in eliminating dogs, monkeys are now reportedly preying on youngsters under the age of five.

Children at a nearby school have reportedly been attacked by the monkeys, causing even more fear among residents.

When the monkeys captured and took away an eight-year-old boy, the villagers were forced to throw stones at the monkeys in order to scare them off, as reported by local media outlets.

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