Mom Claims School Ignored Concerns After Son Was Beaten in Alleged South LA Bully Attack

SOUTH LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) — A Los Angeles mother claims school officials ignored her concerns after her son was bullied and insulted. One alleged bullying incident was captured on video.

This occurred at John Adams Middle School in South Los Angeles last year.

The victim, who Eyewitness News only identifies as SB, struggles with learning disabilities and is a particular student of education.

SB’s Bullying Incident

He has since transferred to another school.

The alleged bullying incident occurred on the playground and was captured on video by a cellphone. SB is seen on the ground being punched, claiming that it all started when another student pushed him and yelled a racial slur.

“He started calling me the N-word,” SB explained. “I was surprised because I’m not used to being addressed as such.”

SB’s Mother’s Words to Reporters

SB’s mother, Lashae Bowen, told ABC7 that she did not receive help from the school’s principal.

‘Did he tell you that he used the N-word on my son a few times?”I asked. I said that because no one was going to say it. But you’re going to say he did something wrong, “The mother stated. “Then he said, ‘I don’t want to hear it.’ I don’t want to speak to you any longer.'”

SB suffered broken bones in his hand as a result of the beating.

Bowen stated that another bullying incident occurred a month prior, and the school assured her that an anti-bullying safety plan would be implemented.

No Responses Following the Attack

She claims she received no responses following the attack.

“I just kept calling, calling, calling, and calling to see if I could get through.” could get through.” I could get any help, but it made me feel like they didn’t care,” Bowen explained.

The mother then contacted an attorney, who claimed that the school district did not conduct an adequate investigation.

“We expect no racial abuse or bullying at LAUSD schools,” said attorney Ned Menoyo. “Unfortunately, this case shows that this isn’t always the case, that children aren’t always safe,” Bowen claims her son is at risk of being bullied and injured at school.

SB told ABC7 that there was no adult supervision on the playground while he was there.

“School should not be a chore scene from ‘The Hunger Games.’ It should not be used as an obstacle course. These are children, after all, “Malik Burroughs, an attorney, stated
The Los Angeles Unified School District was contacted by Eyewitness News.

School’s Statement

Despite its refusal to comment on SB’s case, the district issued a statement that reads in part, “The entire John Adams Middle School community is vehemently opposed to school harassment, discrimination, indifference, and bullying, and we work hard every day to ensure the overall safety and well-being of all students and staff.

The school uses restorative justice practices to help students and individuals interact with integrity and respect.”

LAUSD has now been served with a claim, and the district has six months to respond.

Attorneys for SB’s family say a lawsuit could be filed after that.

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