Missouri Baby Dies After Mother ‘Accidentally’ Puts Child in Oven Rather Than Cot, According to Cops

Authorities claim that a mother from Kansas City, Missouri, killed her one-month-old daughter when she put her to sleep in the oven rather than her cot. The mother has been placed under custody.

Mariah Thomas, 26, is accused of first-degree harming a child’s welfare with the intent to cause death. If proven guilty, she could spend the next 10 years to life in prison. The criminal records state that at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Friday, Kansas City Police Department officers were called to a residence on Forest Avenue in response to a report of a non-breathing newborn.

The caller was holding the one-month-old boy, who looked to have burn wounds on his body when police arrived. Additionally, responding to the scene was the Kansas City Fire Department, who declared the infant deceased.

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According to charge documents, a preliminary investigation revealed that Thomas ‘accidentally’ put the infant in the oven rather than the cot when he attempted to put her to sleep. Since the baby was wearing a diaper and a bodysuit, the police reported that she had many thermal injuries in different places of her body.

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According to the cops, the clothes seemed to have melted onto the nappy. There was also a pack-and-play with baby blankets in it and a baby blanket with noticeable burn damage in the living room.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker stated, “We acknowledge the gruesome nature of this tragedy, and our hearts are weighted by the loss of this precious life.” “We trust the criminal justice system to respond appropriately to these awful circumstances.”

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