Missing Child Found in 10 Minutes with Drone Tech in Mercer County

A heart-pounding event occurred last week in Mercer County’s Robbinsville, New Jersey, when a small child went missing as the sun set and temperatures fell to a bone-chilling 20 degrees.

The child was last spotted fleeing into a snowy, wooded area, raising urgent concerns for his safety.

Mercer County police use drone technology to find missing child in just 10 minutes:

Drone’s Fast Response Helps Find Missing Child

Robbinsville Police Officer Michael Slininger wasted no time in dispatching the department’s specialised drone, equipped with powerful thermal imaging cameras.

As the drone took flight, it immediately became the key to finding the missing child in the tough winter conditions.

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Child Rescued Thanks to Drone

The entire search and rescue mission progressed quickly thanks to the drone’s thermal imaging technology.

In less than 10 minutes, the drone’s thermal cameras found a child in the frigid woods. Officer Slininger’s professional counsel directed responding cops to the boy’s exact location.

The boy was safely reunited with his family after his freezing trip. This amazing rescue is a powerful reminder of the life-saving possibilities of technology in our community’s safety efforts.

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