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Milwaukie’s Child Safety Alert: Five Arrested in Online S*x Sting

Milwaukie's Child Safety Alert Five Arrested in Online S*x Sting

Milwaukie's Child Safety Alert Five Arrested in Online S*x Sting

Five individuals were taken into custody by the Milwaukie Police Department following an internet child s*x luring operation.

Multiple social networking applications and websites were used by undercover investigators to pose as fictitious boys and females of fifteen years of age.

According to the police, predators reached out to decoy investigators and made an offer to meet with a person whom they believed to be a youngster for the purpose of engaging in s*xual actions.

Five arrested in Milwaukie for online child s*x sting; officials urge parental vigilance:

According to the officials, the individual who arrived at the place with the intention of meeting the child was instead hailed by law enforcement and brought into jail.

The following individuals were taken into custody for the felony offenses of enticing a minor and s*xually corrupting a child online in the first degree:

There were a number of other persons for whom the decoy cops developed sufficient probable cause to make an arrest; however, they never showed up at the site, and those adults who have not been identified are still at large.

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It has been reported by the police that an adult arrived at the area, and then proceeded to drive away in a hazardous manner, which ultimately caused the police to cease their chase.

The authorities strongly encourage parents and guardians of youngsters to keep an eye on their children and assist them in properly navigating social networking sites that are accessible online via computers and cellphones.

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