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Millions of Families May Lose Child Tax Credit Next Week! Are Thanksgiving Checks Coming?


Millions of Americans who rely on Child Tax Credit may once again be left broke as the last part of the payments will be sent out on December 15. 

The expanded Child Tax Credit program, which began sending out monthly checks of either $300 or $250 to eligible families in July, was providing some relief to millions of Americans.

However, it’s unclear at this time if Congress will renew it before it expires in three weeks.

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Expansion of social safety net programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) might be one place to start as the USDA recently issued a large increase in SNAP benefits, increasing food assistance by $36.24 per person, per month.

Now, there are calls for post-thanksgiving checks. 

“@POTUS you know would help improve your approval ratings, a SURPRISE STIMULUS CHECK to help offset the higher cost of goods. $1500 – 2000 right after Thanksgiving,” one user tweeted to Biden.

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Another suggested recurring stimulus checks: “let’s get this bill passed with multiple stimulus checks for people who make less than 75,000 a year and give hazard pay to essential employees who make under the 75,000 a year and went to work all of 2020.”

Reports say that this year was probably the most expensive Thanksgiving ever. 

The Hill says, “Adjusting for inflation, the price of Thanksgiving staples has declined substantially over the past few decades. This decline in the “real” price can likely be attributed to gains from trade and improvements in agricultural production technology.

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That said, just because inflation occurs regularly does not mean that this Thanksgiving’s price increases are trivial.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently reported that the amount of turkey meat in cold storage is 24 percent below the prior three-year average.

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Market research firm IRI reports that everything from refrigerated pies to cranberry sauce are already low in stock relative to what is typically expected this time of year.

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