MI: Santa Claus Girls Find New Home, Seek Support From Community

A permanent home has been found for a group of volunteers whose mission is to ensure that every kid in Kent County who might otherwise go without a Christmas present will get one this year.

The group’s founders believe this will help the youngsters in the area, and it’s been a long time coming since the organisation was created in 1908.

The Santa Claus Girls of Kent County have moved their business to the old DeltaPlex building at 2500 Turner Ave.

Time for the Next Christmas Season

For the previous seven years, the organisation had its headquarters in a space supplied by Knoll, Inc. at its Kentwood location.

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Arianna VanDoorn started this charity to ensure that children in Kent County who come from low-income homes do not go without Christmas presents.

The charity has been serving the local community for two years now, having been housed in donated spaces. The group claims that they had to cut down on their efforts since there was never enough room for volunteers.

Leaders of the charity said in a press release that they are “thrilled” and “expect to help many more children this Christmas season” after providing curbside pickup to a small number of Kent County families in 2017.

The Santa Claus Girls’ president, Tina Hudson, gushed about how the new location would help them better serve the community.

“This facility will allow us to serve so many more people in the neighbourhood and return to our traditional home delivery for gift distribution,” Hudson said.

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The Santa Claus Girls are ramping up their fundraising efforts to guarantee the building can be rented out for years to come.

Contacting the NGO at santaclausgirls@gmail.com or visiting their website or Facebook page to make a donation would be much appreciated.

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