Mayor Lori Lightfoot Apparently Moonlights as Pizza Delivery Driver

Political drama occasionally involves food. Bruce Rauner‘s campaign leveraged Pat Quinn’s garlic aversion eight years ago.

No one claims garlic won the election, but campaign managers will try anything to be recognised.

This adds drama to Lori Lightfoot‘s Tuesday campaign video.

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The incumbent, Lori Lightfoot, utilised the slogan “Let the Light In” during her victorious reelection campaign in 2019.

An introductory couch chat boasts about Lightfoot’s “coolness” throughout the pandemic. Lightfoot answers the doorbell with a pizza box.

Do you want pepperoni with those new jobs?

Interrupts Lightfoot.

The 30-second footage raises many difficulties.

How to start? This is Chicagoars Pizza Wars territory.

Chicagoans care greatly about which pizzerias provide their favourite pies and whether they’re launching a deep-dish or tavern-style pie.

Some Chicagoans criticise one pizza kind to boost another, despite the fact that this is not a one-on-one rivalry like the White Sox and Cubs.

How’s the pepperoni? Most nations need it to order pizza. Legendary Chicago sausage mixes.

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There’s no Pepperoni King of Chicago, but you can find Ezzo Sausage pepperoni at various eateries. Ohio born Lightfoot.

The true Pandora’s box questions why pizza delivery is tied to marketing.

Concerns over service fees and third-party menus with false pricing led to lawsuits in August 2021 in Chicago against delivery heavyweights DoorDash and Grubhub.

Restaurant owners believed the lawsuits would protect their companies.

Where are the results after a year of optimism?

The city hasn’t commented on the lawsuit. Maybe they were forgotten before this advertising video.

Andrew W.K. mentioned the Chicago Pizza Summit in a 2010 radio interview.

Chicago’s deep dish or tavern-style pizza?

W.K. is against partisan politics and promotes “positive pizza parties” (after all, the only good party is a pizza party).

“I appreciate all cuisines, therefore I’ve never understood food fights,” he added.

Never disappointed by pizza.

Pizza shouldn’t be a political football or wedge issue, according to this interview.

Lightfoot’s administration should have considered this before sending her to deliver Schrödinger’s pizza or told her crew to keep their SUV out of the bike lane as they ran for doughnuts.

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