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Massive Moving Snowstorm Will Continue till Wednesday

An upcoming snowstorm is expected to bring widespread snow spanning the Rocky Mountains with Texas in general.

Some swaths of snow have been dumped by the snowstorm moving southward across the Rocky Mountains on Tuesday in some parts of the state.

The storm is forecast to last into Wednesday night, according to Natureworldnews.

Snowstorm Dreading Texas

Several cities across Texas, including Denver, are experiencing slippery travel conditions due to the snowstorm. Highway visibility has been reduced, according to reports.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Alyssa Smithmyer said, “A stationary front extending southward from southwestern Canada will bring rounds of snow to the northern and central Rockies into Tuesday night.”

There was a cold front that passed through the southern part of the Metroplex on Tuesday.

North Texas has been experiencing a strong north wind that’s expected to continue.

According to Smithmyer, various areas in other states will be affected by the snowstorm, including places such as Colorado Rockies, southeastern Wyoming, eastern Colorado, southwestern Nebraska, and western Kansas.

Snowstorm: What’s Yet to Come?

Recent forecasts indicate that the snowstorm will move into Texas on Tuesday night and continue through Wednesday.

In parts of western Texas, a mixture of rain and snow is likely to accompany the snowstorm on Wednesday.

According to the forecast, from Tuesday night into Wednesday, Amarillo, Texas, will see two to four inches of snow, while Lubbock, Texas, is expected to receive an inch.

Official Warnings on Snowstorm: Take Precautions

Local weather authorities issued a warning to motorists traveling along Interstates 25, 27, 40, 70, 65, or 80 during the storm, advising them to take precautions to avoid bad visibility and slick roads.

According to authorities, the risk is caused by snow coats forming on highways.

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The highest risk routes are also bridges and overpasses because of their high elevations.

It was quickly clarified by the authorities that any road could be hazardous with enough snow.

On Wednesday, some parts of western Texas and northern Texas (Texas Panhandle) will continue to experience snow and rain from the storm system.

There is a winter weather advisory due to the possibility of accumulations of snow “as high as two inches.”

Bridges and overpasses, in particular, are targeted by the advisory.

Although the snowstorm continues, the forecast indicates that it will weaken by Wednesday night, and there will be no snow to be expected.

However, there is still a chance of rain showers.

It depends on the season and location of Texas whether there will be snow. There is usually snowfall in Texas’ northern and western areas between October and April every year.

The central and southern areas of Texas are relatively free of snowfall, but it is possible that snow could fall there as well.

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