Massachusetts Lake Has An Entire Village Hidden Underwater

If you’ve lived in Massachusetts long, you’ve probably heard of the Quabbin Reservoir. It is a lovely place to spend time outside and one of the state’s most crucial clean water sources. On the other hand, the history of its construction is rather dark and tragic.

Boston faced a significant problem in the late 1920s: running out of water, and the solution required a drastic plan. Massachusetts eventually decided to build a new body of water large enough to accommodate the state’s rapidly growing population. Four towns stood on the proposed site of this idea, known as the Quabbin Reservoir.

It was the unfortunate end of these densely populated towns. Residents fought for years to have their homes, businesses, and historic cemeteries spared from the flood, but the state eventually won. By 1938, the towns of Dana, Enfield, Greenwich, and Prescott had been completely submerged underwater.

Each town held a bittersweet farewell ceremony before being completely erased from the map. Some of the formal events included community balls.

Today, the former homes, roads, and businesses lie beneath the calm waters of the Quabbin Reservoir, and if you live in Boston, this is most likely the source of your sink and shower water.

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