Massachusetts: Due To Widespread Drug And Violent Crime, A Man Given A Prison Sentence

BOSTON – A man from Massachusetts was sentenced for racketeering. Drug trafficking concept wereiracies stem from his membership in the NOB street gang.

Joshua Teixeira, aka “Trouble”: Sentenced to 7 years

Joshua Teixeira, aka “Trouble,” 27, of Boston, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Three years of supervised release by the United States District Court Judge Leo T. Sorokin. Teixeira’s plea is guilty in April 2022 to one count of RICO conspiracy. One count of distribution conspiracy and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute.

Teixeira is one of ten. In June 2020, defendants indicted as part of a federal crackdown on NOB street gang members and associates. They will receive their sentences soon after entering guilty pleas to a number of charges.

Court: Violent Criminal Enterprise

According to court documents, NOB is a violent criminal enterprise whose members and associates. They engage in various criminal activities. Throughout Massachusetts, including murders, attempted murders, armed robberies, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and illegal firearms offenses.

Sepia color of Gun,syringe and pills on dollar bills.

Even though several contrabands seized items during the investigation. It includes 11 firearms, over one kilogram of fentanyl including over 2,000 fentanyl pills. The pills manufacture to look like Over 15 pounds of marijuana, a commercial pill press, and about $36,000 in cash were found.

According to the DOJ, Teixeira was an active and central member of the NOB gang who personally committed, planned, and supported various NOB gang crimes, including drug trafficking involving multiple pounds of marijuana.

Teixeira and two other NOB members/associates drove into rival gang territory in May 2018during the ongoing conflict between the gangs. Teixeira armed with a 9mm handgun. He fired at least six rounds at a crowd in a residential neighborhood, sparking a gunfight.

Teixeira’s gunfire did not strike anyone. The Court determined that this behavior constituted attempted murder and considered it when sentencing.

First Assistant United States Attorney Joshua S. Levy; Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox; James Ferguson, Boston The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Division Special Agent in Charge Investigation, Joseph R. Bonavolonta; and Douglas Bartlett, Acting United States Marshal for the District of Massachusetts Colonel Christopher Mason, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police; Norfolk County Sheriff Patrick W. McDermott made the announcement.

Assistant United States Attorneys oversaw the prosecution of Michael Crowley and Sarah Hoefle of the Organized Crime & Gang Unit.

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